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Green Team
Green Too
Climate Change Prayer
The challenge of climate change is huge, we will all have different ways of responding but one thing we can all do is pray.

God's World
God who made the world and loves it
grieves to see the way we’ve hurt
the good earth and diverse creatures.
Wake our guilt, make us alert
to our part in global warming
floods and drought, polluted seas
starving people, loss of species
dried up farmland, burned up trees.
Wake us, God, to thought and action
spur us, show us how we can
turn the tide and ease the suffering,
live on earth as you have planned.
God who let us split the atom,
speed through space and reach the moon
teach us how to use such powers
peacefully, for everyone.
When the world of good and evil
forces us to make a choice
may we give due weight as you do
to each suffering, pleading voice.
God who speaks, help us to listen,
work and vote, pray and sing,
change our values, live more simply
build a world where love is king.
Averil Stedeford
   You can Recycle your used Batteries,     Ink Cartridges, Light Bulbs etc.
   Bring them to Church, the recycling
   bins are in the back entrance foyer.