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Computer Clinic

Please contact Graham Hart on 01473 827422

The Computer Clinic will be open from 10 to 12 noon on the following dates for guidance and advice on Windows 10, IPads, Tablets and Smartphones.
  6th Feb, 5th Mar, 2nd Apr, 14th May, 11th Jun, 9th Jul.  

Just a final reminder if you are a Windows 7 user. Microsoft will end support for all versions of this operating system on 14th January 2020. Updates will cease, exposing your pc to potential security risks. To maintain your security after this date you are advised to upgrade or replace your W7 pc. Alternatively, permanently disconnect any Windows 7 device from the Internet. Your device will continue to work safely providing it remains disconnected.  

Please make sure your devices are fully updated with
Windows, IOS or Android updates.
Also keep your chosen anti-virus and anti-malware apps up to date.