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Monthly Minister's Message for June
Dear Friends,
On the ninth of June Christians around the world will celebrate Pentecost and once again we’ll read the familiar words of the exciting story of the events of that day. I think that it was in 2004 that Rob Frost organised an initiative called “On Fire” where Churches and village communities were encouraged to go out into public places and hold street parties to celebrate the events of Pentecost. We planned such an event in a West Yorkshire village in the park alongside the Methodist Church, we woke that morning to rain and it rained all day, we had to rethink what we were doing, and the rain never dampened our enthusiasm. We crammed people into the Church building, and I believe that as a Christian community we were true to the Spirit.
We do right to celebrate Pentecost, or Whitsuntide as I always remember it when I was a child, and the Church of Christ, whatever denomination we belong to, we should be on fire for God. I believe that the Spirit who reached out with tongues of fire to all the believers that day, giving them extraordinary powers, is exactly the same Spirit who motivates the Church today and helps the disciples of the twenty first century do equally amazing things.
I have just watched BBC Question Time on catch up this morning and I have to be honest, the whole situation in this country is pretty depressing at the moment, our political leaders are in complete disarray and in my opinion spend most of their time back biting and name calling, while the country sinks deeper into trouble. If I hear the words “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic” once more, I’ll scream, I wonder why somebody just doesn’t talk sense, get stuck in and sort the whole thing out.
I sometimes feel that the Church operates in the came way and we spend times always wallowing in our own negativity. We should be people of the risen Christ, people who’ve come through the pain and sorrow of Easter to rejoice in following a Risen Saviour. We should be people filled with the power of the Holy Spirit equipped and ready to fight for God. My prayer for Pentecost 2019 is that the people of God, the people who call themselves Christian, find that fire in our bellies once again and become proclaimers of the Gospel, rather than keepers of the Church!
May God bless you in all you do in his name. Derek